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How To Solder
Copp er Pipe

Pex Pipe Plumbing

All Kinds Of Toilet Flange Replacement And Repairs. Deep flange replacement, Pvc Flange Trick, Cast Iron To Pvc,

Three Handle Tub And Shower Faucet Replaced With Single Handle Tub And Shower Faucet
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  Pex Pipe Plumbing (The Complete Series)

Hello. My name is Claude Taylor and threw out the years and with the help of YouTube I have saved people throughout the world collectively millions of dollars at no cost to them. Millions. I get massages all the time thanking me for getting someone out of a tight spot are just saving them money that they badly need. As a plumber, I know everyone doesn't have the money or the time to wait for a plumber to show up, and that's if they show up. You shouldn’t have to sit around biting your nails wondering how much this is going to cost or could it be done right away. This is why I created these How to Plumbing Videos. Every and any type of plumbing you could imagine. Everything from installing new plumbing, repairing water heater, toilets, showers, soldering copper pipe, faucet repairs, New and old plumbing. Pex piping, how to solder copper pipe. Plumbers protect the health of the Nation.