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     Who Am I And What Can I do For You?

             Hello. My name is Claude Taylor
As an
experienced plumber, I have observed the
Constraints a plumbing problem that can put on
A family. Through my partnership with YouTube,
  I have created a how-to plumbing video channel
To help alleviate this stress. The channel covers
All things plumbing. Covered topics include, but not Limited to: the installation of new plumbing,
Water heater repair, toilets, showers, soldering
Copper pipe, faucet repairs, new and old plumbing,
pex piping, and soldering copper pipe.Regardless of system's age, everyone can benefit From These videos. Worldwide, my videos have Collectively saved viewers, millions of dollars at no Cost to them. Personally, I have received a multitude
Of gratitude messages from consumers. While seeing Happy consumers is a reward, being a part in Protecting the health of our nation is the true reward

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