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              I HATE PLUMBERS


  Yep! sure you hate Plumbers. I'm a plumber, but I understand were your coming from.
This is why was created. As a Plumber I heard it all every thing from the Plumber charged me and didn't even do any thing, I took of from work and the plumber never showed up, The Plumber was here for 5 minutes and I was charged $120.00. WHAT?
This is enough to make any one hate a Plumber.
  Well first like any thing if you give a person to much power your depending on them. Stop giving the plumber so much power. That's right stop giving the Plumber so much power. Take your independence back. look through out this web site and arm yourself with common plumbing knowledge find all the information you need how to and even were to buy the parts you need and fight back.
   First things first and this is very important.
 .Find out were your main water cut off and Gas cut off  is for the safety of you and your family.
 How to find the water and gas cut off to the home. Lets start with the water cut off. If you live up north were the weather gets very cold even to the point of freezing each home should have two cut off valve before the water service get's to the house.
   The first water cut off  is called a tap your not really going to worry about this one because you could not get to if you wanted to any way, it's out in the street at the street main water supply under tons of dirt and cement or asphalt and at least any were from 6 feet to 16 feet down I know YIPS! And this water Tap would need to be dug up with a large Backhoe with shoring and all kinds of safety stuff.
  Now the next water cut off you will find in most cases between the street curb and side walk and some times in the front yard. If you can't find it fear not, call your water department and ask them can they locate it for you if you can't find it yourself , some water company may tell you to hire a plumber to find it, but some water company will help you out. Now if you find the water cut off yourself great. Now go out and by a water key for the water cut off outside all water keys are not alike your local hardware store or plumbing supply house can tell you what kind you need just tell them were you live and that will give them a good idea what water key you need.

  The last water cut off to the house you should find coming up in the utility room around the water heater and furnace or if you have a basement you will find it coming through the basement cement wall from the side of the house were the main water cut off outside the house. If this a finish basement you will have to look very close because it could be cover with some type of panel door or in a closet. If this is a house that's on the corner of the street your main water line could be coming through any side of the basement walls MORE