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 You have a plumbing problem. And know your going to call a Plumbing Service Company.
                                                      Good That's OK!
1.If possible check with a friend that has had plumbing work done and get recommendation
   to a good Plumbing Service Company or Plumber. Chances are if they were happy with them
   You will be to.
2.Let the Dispatcher know what the problem is don't go into to much detail. Just the basic
   problem and good plumber will ask more question when he are she gets there.
3.Tell the Dispatcher please send out a license plumber not just a service Tech with
   No Plumbing License. A lot of this company will send out a service Tech with out a
   plumbing license and very little experience and waste your time. Your going to take off
   from  work make it good. Why send out a license plumber? This is why, Those plumbing
   license are the Plumbers lively hood he or she are going to do every thing in his or her
   power not to have them taking away.
4.When the Plumber gets there ask to see his or her Plumbing License if you like get the
    license number off of it. Now you got the plumbers attention tell the plumber your plumbing
    problem and be honest. The wrong information can cost you more or cause the plumber to
    walk away from the job if a plumbers good he or she knows when your not being honest.
    Just like your protecting your investment the plumber is protecting his or her Plumbing license.

5.A good plumber will tell you what the problem is and what it is going to take him or
   her to make repairs and give you a bid or price to make the necessary repair. And if the
   plumber can't find the problem right away there may be a charge for diagnose and usually
   this is done on an hourly rate.

6.This is were being honest with the Plumber comes into play. This is your home in most
   cases the home owner knows more then they are telling. A good plumber will listen to
   a good story and a brief history of the home this is like the biggest help you can give.
   What? Were? And When? Are you on well water? Do you have septic system, water
   softener, are you sure the gas and water is on out side? Funny but easily over looked.
   I've been to many home and the home owner water or gas was cut off and they though
   they paid the bill. Were only human.

7.If you had the plumbing repair by the plumber get a receive date, time, and if there is
    a warranty get that and but it all away Plumbers name and company Master Plumbing
    license number on the receive.
                                         VERY IMPORTANT:
        Now! things to do before the Plumber get's there CLICK HERE