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Toilet makes loud banging noise when being flush.

Air could be getting trap in the fill valve. Replace Fill valve

Washer could be loss at cut of under toilet. Replace or tighten washer.

Air chambers may be needed on water supply system to house. Call A Plumber.

Toilet will not fill up in tank

Some thing may be stuck in fill valve: 
If possible clean fill Valve or replace fill valve.

You may have Old galvanized pipes: 
Calcium build up may be stuck in cut off valve under toilet Call A plumber.

Toilet turns of and on by itself

Bad flapper or flush valve:
Replace flapper or flush Valve

Toilet will not stop running

Fill valve gone bad:
Replace fill valve

Flapper gone bad: 
Replace flapper

Toilet handle stuck:
If needed oil handle of replace handle

Chain to flapper stuck:
Adjust chain or replace flapper

Water in the bowl is really low. 
( This is not good because sewer gases can ASCAP and cause bad smell or make you sick)
Check to see if refill tube in tank is connected to flush box and water is coming out to refill bowl.
If not vented properly toilet can be siphon and suck water out of the bowl. This happen most when 
One toilet is on the first floor and the toilet on the second floor is flush. The flush from the toilet on the 
Second floor will come down past the toilet on the first floor and suck the bowl dry. Call a Plumber.